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Using intelligent packaging technology and recycling services to break the dilemma of one-time logistics packaging
Yefeng| 2023-08-26|Back to list

"Case Sharing" completed the D round of financing of 200 million yuan, using intelligent packaging technology and circular services to break the dilemma of one-time logistics packaging | 36kR's first company has formed a comprehensive green supply chain solution of "packaging + service + data", creating the advantage of the entire industrial chain in the field of industrial recycling packaging.

Recently, the domestic innovative company "Case Sharing" successfully completed the D round of financing of 200 million yuan, which marks that the company has made a major breakthrough in smart packaging technology and recycling services. The innovative "Case Sharing" model combines packaging, services and data to form a green supply chain solution, bringing great advantages to the industrial recycling packaging sector.

The core technology of "Case sharing" is intelligent packaging technology, which enables personalized packaging design and intelligent packaging tracking for different logistics links. By using smart packaging technology, Case Sharing is able to optimize packaging solutions, reduce waste in the logistics process, and improve logistics efficiency. At the same time, smart packaging can also achieve sustainable recycling of packaging and further reduce environmental pollution.

The circular service is another important innovation of "case sharing". Through a circular service, CaseShare offers rental and recycling services for single-use logistics packaging. This allows the supplier to return the packaging to Case Share after the item has been shipped, and Case Share retests, cleans and repairs the recovered packaging to ensure its quality and reusability. Recycling services not only save suppliers' packaging costs, but also reduce the environmental impact of single-use packaging.

In addition, Case Sharing combines data with smart packaging and recycling services to form a complete green supply chain solution. Through data collection and analysis, Case Sharing enables the monitoring and optimization of the entire logistics process. This allows companies to have a better grasp of packaging usage, reduce loss and waste, and provide better packaging design recommendations based on data results. In addition, the collection of data also helps Case Sharing to continuously improve its services and products.

"Case Sharing" green supply chain solutions are of great significance in the field of industrial recycling packaging. Traditional disposable logistics packaging has always been one of the main factors of environmental pollution and resource waste. The innovative model of "case sharing" can provide enterprises with more sustainable and environmentally friendly logistics packaging solutions. Through smart packaging technology, circular services and data analytics, Case Sharing can effectively reduce the amount of packaging used and resource consumption, reducing costs for businesses while also playing a positive role in protecting the environment.

At present, "Case sharing" has achieved good results in the field of industrial recycling and is constantly expanding its market influence. In the future, with the continuous popularization of the concept of green supply chain, in the field of industrial recycling packaging, "case sharing" is expected to become the industry leader, providing enterprises with more high-quality and sustainable logistics packaging solutions, and making greater contributions to environmental protection and sustainable development.