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Industry trends
A platform for "production", "learning" and "research" to drive the logistics industry towards "carbon neutrality"
Yefeng| 2023-08-26|Back to list

Since its inception in 2021, the "Create PI - the First Smart Logistics Application Innovation Competition" has injected vitality and strength into the smart logistics industry with competition as a platform. "Create PI" sees the competition as a platform to provide "production", "learning" and "research" in the smart logistics industry, and to promote the logistics industry to "carbon neutral".

In this competition, many excellent innovative companies and projects have emerged, the core of which is "Ouroboros Technology". The company gives "high-tech" attributes to the carton, pushing the logistics industry toward "carbon neutral."

"Ouroboros Technology" is a company dedicated to developing intelligent logistics solutions. They use the most advanced technology to apply high technology to the carton manufacturing and logistics transportation process, thereby reducing carbon emissions and environmental pollution. By embedding intelligent sensing devices in the cartons, these cartons can automatically record and monitor the location, temperature, humidity and other information of the goods to achieve intelligent management of the logistics process.

In addition to intelligent sensing devices, Ouroboros Technology also introduces intelligent warehousing systems and intelligent distribution solutions. Intelligent storage systems utilize automated equipment and robots to improve storage efficiency, reduce labor costs, and quickly adjust storage capacity according to demand. Intelligent delivery solutions optimize logistics by analyzing data and optimizing routes to improve delivery speed and efficiency.

Together, these "high-tech" cartons and intelligent logistics solutions are driving the progress of the logistics industry. First, they effectively reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption in the logistics process, achieving "carbon neutrality" in the logistics industry. As the global focus on environmental protection and sustainability continues to increase, logistics companies are responding and adopting these innovative technologies to reduce their environmental impact.

Secondly, intelligent logistics solutions improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the logistics industry. Through intelligent sensing devices and data analysis, enterprises can monitor the status and location of goods in real time, do logistics planning and scheduling in advance, and avoid the cost and waste of time caused by logistics delays. At the same time, the use of intelligent warehousing systems and intelligent distribution solutions also makes the process of warehousing and distribution more efficient and automated, which greatly reduces the operating costs of enterprises.

"Create PI - The First Smart Logistics Application Innovation Competition" has brought new breakthroughs and opportunities for the smart logistics industry. Through this competition, not only a number of excellent logistics innovation enterprises and projects have been cultivated, but also the technological innovation and upgrading of the logistics industry. In the future, smart logistics will continue to develop and grow, providing more efficient and sustainable solutions for the supply chain of all walks of life, and contributing to economic and social development.