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Medical blister tray
  • Medical blister tray
  • Medical blister tray
  • Medical blister tray
  • Medical blister tray
  • Medical blister tray
  • Medical blister tray
  • Medical blister tray
  • Medical blister tray
  • Medical blister tray
  • Medical blister tray
  • Medical blister tray
  • Medical blister tray
  • Medical blister tray
  • Medical blister tray
Medical blister trays are specialized containers for transporting, storing and handling medical devices and equipment. They usually come in tray form, are made of plastic cellulose, have excellent durability and are easily sterilized. These trays are commonly used in hospitals, medical laboratories, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. They can be designed and manufactured according to different needs to meet the shape, size and quantity of specific or special medical devices and equipment. Medical blister pallets typically have compressibility and single-use capabilities, making them very convenient and cost effective in medical device manufacturing and distribution environments. In addition, they can reduce the burden on medical staff and improve work efficiency.

Medical blister trays offer many advantages, including:

1. Durability: The medical blister tray made of plastic cellulose material is durable and not easy to damage. They can withstand pressure, friction and high temperatures.

2. Easy to clean: The surface of the medical blister tray is smooth and easy to clean, and can be quickly disinfected with disinfectants or automatic cleaning equipment to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the instruments.

3. Precision: Medical blister trays can be customized designed and manufactured according to needs to ensure that instruments and equipment are safely and properly stored and transported.

4. Biocompatibility: Medical blister tray materials are non-toxic and have no negative effects on the human body during the processing of medical devices and equipment.

5. Recyclable: Medical blister trays can be recycled, which can reduce waste and benefit environmental protection.

To sum up, the medical blister tray can improve the storage and transportation efficiency of medical devices and equipment, reduce costs for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, and ensure the health and safety of the medical process.


Medical blister trays are widely used in different medical places and industries, including:

1. Hospital: In the operating room, ICU, medical laboratory and treatment room and other places, the use of plastic trays for storage and transport of various instruments and equipment.

2. Pharmaceutical companies: The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest users of blister trays for the storage and transportation of drug containers, syringes, reagents, etc.

3. Medical equipment manufacturers: In the production process, the use of blister trays for medical equipment classification, storage and transportation, so that the production process is more efficient.

4. Testing institutions: Testing institutions use blister trays to classify, store and transport samples, which are used in routine and high-precision testing.

In short, medical blister trays have a wide range of applications in the medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical equipment industries.


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